The project

“My salvation was reading, reading good books, taking refuge in those worlds where life was glorious, intense, one adventure after another, where I could feel free and be happy again.”

Mario Vargas Llosa - In Praise of Reading and Fiction


Love for livres is the first books search engine through emotions. books through emotions. Or emotions through books. 

Books have power.

Neurosciences show how they can improve our relationships with others and create social bonds, help us feel better and strengthen our cognitive abilities. 

Reading a book can change our lives.

Love for Books is a social enterprise that empowers readers by approaching books differently, through what makes us human: our emotions.

To achieve this, Love for Books relies on three innovative tools based on neurocognitive and behavioral approaches:

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1.Online, the platform

2.Live, the Libraries of Emotions©

3.Live and online, "bibliotherapy" workshops and programs (Care through books)


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