Training and support program

Love for Livres offers innovative and personalized support and care programs through books. They combine concrete advice and learning in cognitive science with inspiring content from books.

Key objectives

Time to take care of yourself, your psychosocial skills (or soft skills) and your professional goals in a different way!

01 Provide an innovative educational methodology based on applied cognitive and behavioral sciences. 03 Give you keys, tips and practical advice to help you master new psychosocial skills useful on a daily basis and help you progress by motivating you.
02 Help you better decode your work environment, improve your professional relationships and inspire you through reading and stories. Promote your well-being and professional success. 04 Each training results in a personalized plan per participant to continue taking action in the long term.

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3h - Online or in person (intra)
A discovery session
To learn the fundamentals of the theme.
To start practicing via adapted situations.
Format 1, 2 or 3 days depending on needs - online and in person if possible
A complete programn
To achieve specific objectives related to the theme.
To learn in depth.
To acquire the key tools that will help you implement good practices over time.

Our skills to work with you

A team with skills in literature and cognitive science

Successful projects within a variety of structures: Erasmus +, Chanel, Créteil library and many others.

Personalized workshops for your audiences according to their needs.

A space for open and caring exchanges.

Tools adaptable to all types of spaces.

Discover the recurring themes of our workshops

Taking care of your mental health

Take care of yourself, better manage your stress prevent burnout
Better manage conflicts and crises
Master your emotions, develop your emotional intelligence

Find your place

Nurture your leadership and assertiveness, resolve your impostor syndrome
Spark conversation and remove taboos on sensitive subjects
Coping with uncertainty and ecological & social issues

Cultivate good relations with others

Develop your empathy and better your communication skills
Work in a multicultural world and thrive in diversity
Foster collaboration, commitment and managerial courage

Develop your cognitive abilities

Regain productivity and attention
Nurturing creativity and imagination, thinking outside the box
Stop procrastinating, improve your organization and sense of priorities


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