The collection

Harold Pinter

Publisher : Faber & Faber

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The Collection takes place on a divided stage, shared by a house in London's Belgravia, and a flat in Chelsea, with another space between them where telephone calls take place according to Pinter's stage description, the three areas comprise two peninsulas and a promontory . Bill, a dress designer in his twenties, lives with Harry, a man in his forties, in Harry's house, in Belgravia, which has Elegant decor. Stella, another dress designer, in her thirties like her husband and business partner James, lives with him in James' flat in Chelsea, which has Tasteful contemporary furnishing. According to Pinter's stage description, whereas the set for Harry's house (Stage left) comprises the living-room, hall, front door and staircase to the first floor, with a Kitchen exit below staircase, the set for James's flat in Chelsea (Stage right) comprises the living-room only, while Off stage right there are other rooms and front door and Up stage centre on promontory [a] telephone box, where the phone calls are made. The plot concerns whether or not Stella and Bill had a one-night stand while away on business in Leeds. One evening while at home Harry (Kane) and Bill (Lloyd), a dress designer, receive an unsettling anonymous phone call (48), which is to be followed by a further unsettling visit from a man who will refuse to leave his name (49). Following some apparently trivial conversation between Stella, another dress designer, and James (Horne), her husband and business partner, that occurs in his flat (44–45), James has left it to call on Bill at Harry's house, revealing that he was the anonymous caller and is the unexpected visitor. Nobel Prize in literature in 2005.

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