The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest

Stieg Larsson

Publisher :Vintage Books

Key Emotion Indicator

The book begins as Lisbeth Salander is flown to Sahlgrenska Hospital. It picks up where The Girl Who Played with Fire left off.In the hospital. After surgery, Salander is moved to an intensive care ward under guard, accessible only to police, doctors, nurses, and her lawyer, Annika Giannini (who is also Mikael Blomkvist's sister). Zalachenko, whom Salander injured with an axe, is two rooms away. Niedermann, thanks to botched responses from the local law enforcement, is on the run after murdering a police officer, and carjacking and kidnapping a woman during his escape. Niedermann seeks help from his old friends at the outlaw Svavelsjö Motorcycle Club, kills the treasurer, and steals 800,000 kronor before disappearing.These events prompt immediate action from the Section, a secret division of Swedish Security Service (Säpo) created for purposes of counterintelligence, and responsible for Zalachenko's asylum and supervision. Evert Gullberg, founder and former chief of the Section, asks former Section associate Fredrik Clinton to become acting head of the Section and plots to deflect attention away from the Section by silencing Salander, Blomkvist, and Zalachenko. They form a working alliance with the unsuspecting prosecutor of Salander's case, Richard Ekström. Dr. Peter Teleborian, the psychiatrist who supervised Salander when she was previously institutionalised on the Section's orders, provides Ekström with a false psychiatric examination and recommends that she be reinstitutionalised, preferably without a trial... The third book from the Millinium incredible saga.

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