The List of My Desires

Grégoire Delacourt

Publisher :Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Key Emotion Indicator

Jocelyne is a humble haberdasher in Arras, married to her first love, an employee of the town's Haagen-Dazs ice-cream factory. They have two grown children who have already left the house. Jocelyne also publishes a well-known blog “dixdoigtsdor”. While content with her life, she often thinks about the life she wanted to have.Her friends convince her to play lotto “Euro Millions” for the first time, and she wins €18,547,301.28. As she thinks about how her life will be different, she decides not to tell anyone and hide the check. Then, she writes the list of her desires and decides not to change a thing in her life because she doesn’t want to lose her happiness. But one day, Jocelyne realizes the check has disappeared. Her husband, supposedly in Switzerland for a training program, does not return. Jocelyne calls his company and learns he took a week off and has run away to Brussels with the check. Her life destroyed, she still continues to see her hospital-ridden father who, due to Alzheimer's, forgets everything every six minutes. As for Jocelyn, he lives lavishly but not happily. He knows a wretched loneliness in his too-big house.

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To my acquaintances

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