Soul Mountain

Gao Xingjian

Publisher :HarperCollins 

Key Emotion Indicator

The first of the two characters to be introduced is You. He is described as a local tourist – not that sort of tourist but a backpacking one wearing strong sensible sports shoes and a backpack with shoulder straps. He seeks out the elusive Lingshan, a sacred mountain.You has long lived in the city, but yearns for a rural existence from the past. He shuns the idea of settling for a peaceful and stable existence where one wants to find a not-too-demanding sort of a job, stay in a mediocre position, become a husband and a father, set up a comfortable home, put money in the bank and add to it every month so there'll be something for old age and a little left over for the next generation.You meets up with another wanderer, a troubled and emotional She. And so You's journey also becomes a journey into an erotic relationship. You also travels inwards as he explores his powers as a storyteller. Later in You's story, She departs as if in a story, as if in a dream. Nobel Prize in Literature in 2000.

During a travel


To my sister or brother

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