The man who wanted to be happy

Laurent Gounelle

Publisher :Hay House

Key Emotion Indicator

Publisher presentation: The Man Who Wanted To Be Happy While on a relaxing vacation in Bali, Julian decides to consultalegendary and wise healer whose reputation precedes him. TheoldMaster Samtyangs diagnosis on meeting the schoolteacher isfirm:you are healthy, but you are not ... happy. During the series of daily encounters that follow, Samtyangmeetswith Julian and shares cryptic messages, much to thefrustration ofhis new student. In his unusual manner, Samtyangshows Julian and ushow our thoughts shape our lives and how whatwe believe becomes ourreality. His teachings on the nature of truehappiness, which isalready inside us the manifestation of ourhopes and dreams, whichare closer than we think and the mostthrilling adventure of all,self-discovery, offer unforgettablelessons that linger long pastthe final page.

Pour tous les jours


For all

Easy to read


Between 10 and 20$

A few hours



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