Have mercy on Us All

Fred Vargas

Publisher :Vintage Books

Key Emotion Indicator

Joss, a middle-aged former Breton sailor, begins to succeed in reviving the old family trade of town crier in modern-day Paris. Business is good, since people gladly pay five francs to hear their rants and nonsensical messages in parks and squares every so often, ominous cryptic messages announcing the return of the plague will also be part of the day’s requested cries. At the same time, chief inspector Adamsberg is surprised as a distressed woman describes that all her apartment building’s doors, except one, have been marked with a large inverted “4” in black ink with the inscription “CLT.” This graffiti continues to turn up throughout the city, and residents of apartments with unmarked doors are turning up dead, showing signs of rat-flea bites and blackened flesh. Inspector Adamsberg must lead an investigation that takes him through a juxtaposition of 15th-century Europe and modern-day France...or does he?

Pour tous les jours


To my friends

Easy to read


Less than 10$

A few hours



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