The team

At Love for Livres, we are passionate about books and human relationships.


We believe that books are essential for our societies and for social bonding.

We believe that all books are interesting and that the most important thing is to have a book in your hand and to be transported by the emotion of reading. 

No snobbery, no judgment.

Who are we? 

Céline is the cofounder and creator of Love for Livres.

The idea was born in 2010, fueled by a feeling of injustice: not enough people have access to books when they can change our lives!  This is how the idea of Love for Livres was born. 

Before launching the project, she trained in research/data (CEO of a research institute for 10 years), in neurocognitive approaches, in coaching and in foresight. 

She is a writer and an absolute book lover. Director, manuscript reader, former literary agent, including Laurent Gaudé. Author of a novel on burnout "Le Jour où Maya s'est releverée" (Leducs 2019, Frémeaux 2021), which allowed her to test the virtues of bibliotherapy. 

Volunteer at the United Nations.

Her partner is an American language philosopher who specializes in emotional biases and the acquisition of new skills in cross-cultural settings. He worked on the KEI (Key emotion indicator) of Love for Livres.

Love for Livres is also a diverse team committed to the project: developers, neuroscientists, data, marketing and communication specialists, writers and artists, coaches, psychologists 

Our wisdom council includes generous and expert personalities such as Jean-Jacques Salomon, publisher, Pascal Beucler, semiologist and former Publicis executive, Guila Clara Kessous, Harvard professor and UNESCO artist for peace and Ornella Godard, neuroscientist. It will expand in the coming months. 

Thanks also notably to Flaubert Kachetel, Judith Vieille, Geoffrey Dorne, Vincent Escrive for their professionalism and attention. 


If you want to join the adventure:

Read for a better life, read for a better world


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