The team

At Love for Livres, we are passionate about books and reading experiences.


We believe that books are essential for our societies. In our eyes, they all have some valuable interest, and all readers are equal.

No intellectual snobbery, no judgment.

The most important thing is to experience the reading emotions and to share them with other readers.


With us, the atmosphere is studious but joyful!

We demand only high standards from ourselves, with humility and sincerity. And we always dream big!


Céline is the creator of Love for Livres.

The idea came up in 2010, fueled by a sense of injustice: not enough people have access to books, which can change our lives!

We had to do something. Celine has been a literary critic and literary agent.

In her spare time, she writes and devours novels, which she then share with the whole world.


Her partner is a specialist in emotions and language studies. He worked on the KEI (Key Emotion Indicator) of Love for livres. He has a weakness for thrillers and atypical people.


Flaubert Kachetel developped the website:

Judith Vieille d'Epices et Chocolat rolled out the visual identity of the pages:

Geoffrey Dorne is the logo designer and designer of the first models:

Vincent Escrive is the video director:


Special thanks to all those who support Love for Livres, each with their style: Georges, Maud, Jonathan, Norbert, Pascal, Dalibor, Benjamin. Great people, talented and committed.


If you want to join the adventure:





Our emotions, our books


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